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Sheena Morris


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She’s inspired by honesty, daring artists, and Eastern Philosophy. Completely opposed to the systematic way the music industry manipulates, she’s willing to do something about it. As she describes it being “nothing but demographic based puppetry,” she intends to have no strings attached.

Sheena had this infatuation with music since her birth in 1981. Her mother and aunt were singers, circulating churches and performing since young ages. Her father was a guitarist, her brother played drums, and her grandfather played 11 instruments. She figured out at a young age, that music was to be her life, and nothing else mattered. From a young age, she was fascinated by the piano, and had hopes of playing it in the future.

She began singing as early as she remembers, and at first, had hopes of being an astronomer. After the astronomer period phased out, she daydreamed of being an architect. She had been drawing since a young age as well, and had intentions of using her skill. Then she realized architecture included math, and math was released from Pandora’s Box to plague humanity. When all along, singing was what she enjoyed most. At 8, it was official that Paula Abdul could do no wrong (this was 1989 after all), and making music was meant to be. After going to one highly anticipated piano lesson at the age of 9, and realizing the restraint put on creativity, she decided that reruns of Tale Spin were more important.

In middle school, she began writing poetry, and won several ribbons for her work. At the age of 15, Sheena began to teach herself piano in her high school auditorium during lunches, before, and after school. Moving quickly along in her learning, she soon realized there was a connection being made.

Soon after growing to love piano, and frustrated with not having one, she took up the guitar at 18. “I needed something to sing to, and the piano was too expensive for me, so I opted for the guitar.”

After her first and only lesson from her grandfather, Sheena practiced her guitar skills frequently, and grew to enjoy its company. She even learned “Freebird”. While not involved with singing, she was involved in her art classes, and drama presentations.

“Artists were never really appreciated in my school, and my blood boiled. Had I known how to operate a tractor, or cheerlead, I would have had more support. I knew I was in the sticks, and people just want cookie cutter identities. It’ll never change.”

After graduation, a lot of awakenings happened for the fresh, naïve graduate. After the theft of all her instruments from her car, she was left with no creative outlet, and was outraged. She struggled excessively to write a full, complete song until the age of 21. After a string of negative incidents, and a span of 5 years with new lessons, it was time to write.

Never short on inspiration, she often describes the people in and out of her life as “Songs waiting to happen.”

“Every time something happens, I try to produce positively from it, regardless of outcome. Not saying the song will be positive, but I hope it affects someone else. I want my music to be the honest friend that we may never get the chance to meet.”

She wrote “Unsavory Element” at the age of 21, and had intentions for it to be a demo. Living in a camper, the songs reflect her dismay with many of the things she’d anticipated. “Unsavory Element” was met with such applause, that she soon found herself selling the cds from her bedroom. This was delightful for an aspiring record label owner. “Blisslyke Records” had been a daydream since the age of 17, when she worked in a crappy, commercial music store for 3 years.

“I hate the music business as of now… but I’m not one to sit and bitch, and do nothing about a cause. I just want real artists that aren’t fabricated by the Matrix, or L.A. Reid. Which do you like better?

Frozen orange juice, or freshly squeezed? We all like something real and I think it’ll all come back to that, once people are so sick of hearing processed, pop B.S. It’s a great time for individuals with something to say, and we need to say it.”

Currently working on her 2nd album effort “Veruna,” Sheena describes her new work as being “closure from certain situations, and the growth my belief system has taught me these past 2 years. There was a lot of angst and resentment inside, and I’m finally letting it out, through my piano work especially.”

Keep tuning in for updates on shows, news, and occasional rants from our favorite backwoods heroin.